Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of projects in ASP.Net projects whith code and documentation Asp.Net frame work is used for developing web sites, web application related projects.. These applications are developed in different .Net languages.

virus tracking system

The “Virus Tracking System” will scan the system files and detects the virus and alerts the user whenever necessary.Viruses and other malicious programs are an ever increasing threat to current computer systems. They can cause damage and consume countless hours and system administration time to combat.

Virus Tracking System Project Modules:

The home page of the “Virus Tracking System” contains the options the user can navigate to the other modules of the system. This is the beginning module of the project.

This module is the part of the project where the user can update the database of the antivirus so that we can increase the antivirus efficiency and accuracy.


virus Tracking System Project Project Report.

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