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Performance analysis of AODV under black hole attack project report

Wireless network is the network of mobile computer nodes or stations that are not physically wired. The main advantage of this is communicating with rest of the world while being mobile. The disadvantages are their limited bandwidth, memory, processing capabilities and open medium. Two basic system models are fixed backbone wireless system and Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET).


An ad hoc network is a collection of nodes that do not rely on a predefined infrastructure to keep the network connected. So the functioning of ad hoc networks is dependent on the trust and co-operation between nodes. Nodes help each other in conveying information about the topology of the network and share the responsibility of managing the network. Hence in addition to acting as hosts, each mobile node does the function of routing and relaying messages for other mobile nodes [1].In these networks, besides acting as a host, each node also acts as a router and forwards packets to the correct node in the network once a route is established. In this paper we will study the ad hoc network with and without the black hole attack using performance metrics PDF, Throughput and End to End delay.


Performance analysis of AODV under black hole attack project reports

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