PHP Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of projects whith code and documentation.

Online examination system project in php

Online Examination is a growing need day -by- day because of the 24*7 lifestyle. In the traditional offline mode there is a requirement of a group of people at the same time to take and give the examination maintaining all the authentic practice or transparency.To solve this problem or we can say that to facilitate the requirement here is the answer-Online Examination because there is no boundation of time/place.

For working professionals who are willing to enhance their skills/knowledge this is just like a boon. An examinee/user needs to register and login into the application at the time choosen by himself/herself according to his/her convenience.You need to choose the Topic/Subject and then answer the questions as they come on the monitor/display.A user can check the result of the exam instantly after finishing the answering process.Reviewing facility is also there, means you can check by going through your electronic answersheet where you have made a mistake if any.This provision is not expected in the offline mode.

The fused multi-input rectifier stage allows Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which is used to have maximum power from available the wind and sun. An adaptive MPPT algorithm is utilized for the wind system and a standard perturb and for the PV system.

This PowerPoint also presents a block diagram of solar energy system. The advantage of this system is low operating cost, easy to charge, and high power quality.

The application includes Distributed Generation Applications, Constant Speed and Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems, and Photovoltaic Energy System.


Online examination system project in php

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