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Management of lost private key project Using Database

Securing the data across the network communication is the basic step taken by any organization and each and every organization has a different set of activities to resolve the security issues. Identity based encryption is the common approach followed these days, where the core logic lies behind the public key encryption and the corresponding public key is generated based on a random number or string formed by the identity information of the sender or receiver like Email, SSN number or contact number.


Private Key management is done by a trusted third party known as Private Key Generators. During the communication process, a user should know the public key of sender which is published in a public media and the private key is kept confidential with in the sender and receiver.

Private Key Management is really a tedious job to be done as there is a lot of scope to misuse or replace the private keys and thus a special attention toward private keys is a mandatory task that should be followed by any PKG. In this project, I consolidate the concept of IBE and PKG and considered the issues of lost private key management. I have done the basic research on security issues and the role of encryption in terms of public and private keys and focused the research on Identity Based Encryption and the private key management techniques in the Literature Review chapter.

Based on my understandings across the literature survey I have extended my research towards Recovery mechanism and the related existing techniques in recovering the lost private key in my Research Analysis section and designed the proposed system as discussed in the Introduction chapter. All the detailed design of the proposed application is discussed in the Design chapter which includes both the front end and backend design of the application. I have done the coding once the design is fixed and tested across several test data and able to execute and derive the data as per the proposed data.

I have maintained a separate cache table, where the private keys of registered users are saved and whenever the user requests to generate the private key for the first time, it is validated by the administrator and issued and the same private key is displayed to the user if he/she forgets or lost the existing private key. A separate list of all the registered users is maintained across the user interface and users can select the desired person to send the data and at the same time recipient should know the required private key of sender to view the message. I have done java coding proceed with the application and developed a pure web based enterprise level application that can be extended or improved further as discussed in the Future development section.

Future work

A web based lost private key management system is developed and I have discussed the procedure followed and my observations across different chapters of the thesis and could have done a better work in future and few of the below listed items can be implemented in future

  • A pure web based application is developed with limited scope to use across the large networks like WAN’s and further networking modules can be added such that can used across internet
  • Due to limited scope of the application, I haven’t shown the procedure related to encryption and decryption separately, which were done internally and in future a admin can be provided with a facility to check and modify the complexity of encryption/decryption algorithm.

Management of lost private key project in java

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