PHP Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of projects whith code and documentation.

Mail Server project in php

This is a Mail Server like other contemporary services eg : Gmail, Yahoomail etc.

A user can login after registering himself/herself and perform every activity relatedto mailing. You can change the Theme of your Profile/Account suitable to your needs/personality. Can communicate with others via E-Mail,Update your Profile information while maintaining utmost privacy as much as you need.

This Application has all the security settings/features like password change,verification of Mail ID,Password Reset Incase you feel the need/theft of privacy.

How you share and to whom you share your life in real world- ofcourse to a friend and if you are in a job/work that doesn’t allows you much time for socializing. There is nothing to worry just send a friend request to your friends and keep in touch or you can make new friends too by sending friend requests to new people.


Mail Server project in php

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