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Implicit password authentication system project report

Authentication is a process of determining whether a par-ticular individual or a device should be allowed to access a system or an application or merely an object running in a device. This is an important process which assures the basic security goals, viz. confidentiality and integrity. Also, adequate authentication is the first line of defense for protecting any resource.


It is important that the same authentication tech-nique may not be used in every scenario. For example, a less sophisticated approach may be used for accessing a “chat serv-er” compared to accessing a corporate database. Most of the ex-isting authentication schemes require processing both at the client and the server end. Thus, the acceptability of any au-thentication scheme greatly depends on its robustness against attacks as well as its resource requirement both at the client and at the server end. The resource requirement has become a major factor due to the proliferation of mobile and hand-held devices. Nowadays with the use of mobile phones, users can access any information including banking and corporate data-base. In this paper, we specifically target the mobile banking domain and propose a new and intelligent authentication scheme.


Implicit password authentication system

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