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Error control system in network environment

Error Control System in Network Environment is implemented using java. This projects is useful for computer science final year students who are interested in developing network related project.


In cellular communication networks, the geographical area is divided into smaller regions, called cells. In each cell, there is one Mobile Service Station (MSS) as well as a number of Mobile Hosts (MH). The communication between MSSs is, in general, through wired links, while the links between an MH and MSS is wireless. A Mobile Host can communicate with other Mobile Hosts in the system only through the Mobile Service Station in its cell. There are two kinds of channels available to an MH: communication channel and control channel. The former is used to support communication between an MH and the MSS in its cell, while the latter is set aside to be used exclusively to send control messages that are generated by the channel allocation algorithm. In this paper, henceforth, unless specified otherwise, the term channel or wireless channel refers to a communication channel. When an MH wants to communicate with another MH, it sends a request message to the MSS in its own cell. The request can be granted only if a wireless channel can be allocated for communication between MSS and MH. Since channels are limited, they should be reused as much as possible.


Error control system in network environment

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