Other Projects For Final year Students

Here we are providing list of projects with code and documents, Final year projects download.

Employ loan management system project report

Employee loan management system project( vb.net) is a visual basic project which is useful for organizations and banks for managing employees loan details and detailed reports are generated for every month which provides easy understanding about total amount of cuttings, tax details, remaining payment period ..etc.


There is need for upgrading existing system with loan management software which can solve problems that we face in existing system. This software application can save time, provide better service, clear analysis about data and report generation.

Module Expansion:

Main objective of this project is to provide solution for organizations for managing employees loans details with response to monthly salary and leaves and hikes. This system will provide detailed explanation for every month payments with cuttings and final salary. Employees can download reports for analysis.


Employ loan management system project report

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