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Efficient key generation for multimedia java project

The Existing system have the drawbacks such as the Group Controller takes all responsibilities of key generation, re keys generation, message transmission to its sub group members and also to any other group controllers. So it may cause a lot of bottlenecks to the group controller in the sub group. The sub group’s members are not able to send information to any other subgroup at the time of re-keying process. So performance of the sub group degrades at that time. The re-keying process is done every time once a communication is completed between the users in the same group or to any other group members. The Efficient Key agreement for a Large and Dynamic Multicast Groups provides an efficient way of Group key Agreement in terms of Scalability and Authenticity between the Sub group members and to other group members in the network


In the proposed system we use an identity tree instead of key tree in our scheme. Each node in the identity tree is associated with an identity. The leaf node’s identity is corresponding to the user’s identity and the intermediate node’s identity is generated by its children’s identity. Hence, in an identity tree, an intermediate node represents set users in the sub tree rooted at this node. The keys used in each subgroup can be generated by a group of key generation centers (KGCs) in parallel. All the members in the same subgroup can compute the same subgroup key though the keys for them are generated by different KGCs. This is a desirable feature especially for the large-scale network systems, because it minimizes the problem of concentrating the workload on a single entity.


Efficient key generation for multimedia java project

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