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E-admission project Report

After XIIth students desiring to take admission in professional colleges like engineering face lots of problems. Admissions to engineering colleges in the state of Maharashtra or any state is based upon common entrance test (CET) and since more than 1.5lakh seats are to be allotted in more than 200 engineering colleges and over 35 different branches of engineering , for students belong to many categories like open, home university, outside home university, reserved category(SC,ST, OBC etc) the problem becomes more serious and students fail to understand which college they are likely to get admission even after going through cut-off data of previous years. Many students fill wrong options and fail in getting admission. To minimize the stress of students we come up with an idea of this computer aided method which will help the students to get the list of all colleges in which they could get the admission at the click of a button making, the admission process fast and easy.


The system first analyzes student’s academic merit, student records, and the college admission criteria. [2] Then, it predicts the likelihood university college that a student may enter. This s/w presents a new college admission system based on data mining techniques and knowledge discovery rules, for tackling college admissions prediction problems quickly and fairly. [2] If the student does not get admission in the desired branch of engineering, then they find it difficult to take decision which will be the suitable branch for them. The proposed knowledge based decision technique will guide the student for admission in proper branch of engineering. In addition to the high prediction accuracy rate, flexibility is an advantage, as the system can predict suitable colleges that match the students' profiles and the suitable track channels through which the students are advised to enter.

Existing System:

The current system consists of a mock round in which students come to know about the colleges in which he/she cannot get admission. So in the first round the student does not enter those colleges .Basically, the mock round introduced in the current DTE system is about rejecting the colleges in which the students will not get the admission. There are more three rounds in this admission process but still people are not satisfied with the results at the end.

Proposed System:

Our E-admission system will make it possible to finish up the admission process in the first attempt itself. And bring students the satisfaction that they are studying in the right college according to the marks obtained. Basically, this system will select and present only those colleges in which the student can get admission. And, thus it will not only make the process faster and easier, but also will reduce the stress of students.

E-admission project Report

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