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Crime file management

Crime File Management System is an application covers complete Case Management System and this project will help them to manage all activities of the police station. In this application we can easily track all the complaint details, criminal details, FIR Details, Charge sheet records, Prisoner records, etc. and it is having some additional features to manage police records, payroll, and attendance for police station.


The software to be produced is on “Crime File Management System”. The main authority is given to the Admin. He provides unique username and password for each employee through which the user can login and perform the activities given by the Admin. As soon as a new employee joins the company, the Admin has the right to add his employee details which includes name, date of birth, basic salary, etc. Admin assigns tasks to each employee. Next is the payroll module. The system automatically generates salary for each employee depending on their workdays, their work status including, adding their basic salary for the overtime work they have done. Next is the main module of the system that is the Crime module. In this all the crime information will be stored in the database. First complaint details will be added in the system, and then Station employee checks complaint is related to crime or law and order. If it is crime it goes to crime record. As soon as this task is completed FIR charge sheet will submitted to the court.


Crime file management

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