Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of projects in ASP.Net projects whith code and documentation Asp.Net frame work is used for developing web sites, web application related projects.. These applications are developed in different .Net languages.

Construction HR Software

Construction challenges are a fact of life. Once the design effort is complete and the contractor is selected, the construction phase starts and every stakeholder hopes that this project will be a successful one, which equates to being done on time, within budget and of high quality. With our system, infrastructure and ever tightening budgets, doing more for less is a common requirement

It was very tedious job to do whole work manually such as submitting day to day report, making entry of new staff member, doing appraisal of construction site’s worker, keeping details of present inventory of the company. So to overcome such construction company decided to make a project which overcomes all this drawbacks. A software application name CONSTRUCTION HR has been developed for this purpose.


The goal of the project is latest generation software system for managing construction development project. It is called Construction HR” for a good reason-it was specifically designed to make construction project management hassle free and straightforward.


Construction HR Software

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