Other Projects For Final year Students

Here we are providing list of projects with code and documents, Final year projects download.

Car racing game C++ project

This project is an attempt to create an audio system to recreate sounds for use in a racing game. The audio system was created using Audio Units [1], the audio signal processing system available on the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems. However, the concepts and structure of the audio system are implementation-agnostic and could be recreated in any other modular audio processing platform, for example Cycling 74's Max or Pure Data (PD)


This project aimed to create an car audio system that was generic in the sense that with the appropriate input the system could believably recreate the sound of any particular car that might be desired within a racing game. Additionally, the system should not present a significant processing load to the host system, allowing it to be used effectively in resource-restricted game contexts


Car racing game c++ project Source code download

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