Other Projects For Final year Students

Here we are providing list of projects with code and documents, Final year projects download.

Brick game c++ project

We want to make an interactive game based upon the classic game brick breaker. The object of brick breaker is to break the bricks that are distributed around the top of the game screen. The bricks get broken after coming in contact with a ball that bounces around the screen. At the bottom is a paddle that in the classic game moves based on user input. The user has to make sure the ball bounces off the paddle without going off the bottom of the screen.


In our implementation, we want to make the paddle be based upon the position of an actual Ping-Pong paddle held by the user. A camera will track the position of the paddle as the user moves the paddle. The brick breaker game allows a great opportunity for improvements with power-ups, special bricks, and audio feedback.


Brick game c++ project Source code download

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