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Benifit processing for migrant workers Project

Benefits’ Processing for Migrant Workers is a real time web application System. The main objective of this project is enrolling migrant workers to United States in various insurance schemes, personal accident coverage, pension schemes and other area. With several migrant workers especially in high technology area coming over to us to carry out fairly long stints at work the client organization don’t spend too much figuring out system and doing research on which schemes would be suitable for employee where mw comes into picture. They have complete knowledge about all schemes and migrant workers


Each client a company would get a user id, password, which can be used by the personnel department of client organization to communicate employee lists with specific names and details. Acknowledgements would be automatic and the clients would put up processing status. our application provides a highly responsive system that will enable clients in different countries communicate internet based systems using with backend of SQL server.


Benifit processing for migrant workers projects report download

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