Other Projects For Final year Students

Here we are providing list of projects with code and documents, Final year projects download.

Voice Recognition Vehicle Project Paper Presentation and Seminar Report

The main objective of developing this Voice recognition vehicle microcontroller project is to control Vehicles according to human voice command. Project Architecture follows with human input voice and amplifiers, when human sends voice then it automatically converts the voice from analog to digital signals via converters, here band pass filters are connected to fingerprint templates to generate fingerprints, this module works with comparing and controlling digital signals and finally this signal goes to the vehicle, If the vehicle received correct signal which is sent be user then it can respond as per user project development.


Now a day all robotics are working with signals and voice to control their functionality. Micro controllers, Mat lab, Micro semi conductors are used to develop this electronics system. This application mainly useful for speech enabled vehicle design and development. Advantages of this Voice recognition vehicle follows we control the any electrical or electronic device with voice signals.


Voice Recognition Vehicle Project Paper Presentation and Seminar Report

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