PHP Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of projects whith code and documentation.

Video Streaming a Php Mysql Project


In this project “Video streaming a Php Mysql Project” the details of a video sharing website is provided. Through the video sharing process, users can upload, share and also view the videos uploaded by others. Not only this videos can be edited and uploaded online and has different modules. In this project the different modules that have been provided are administrators, users, web registration and search.

The several features that are provided by this project are that the users can view the videos. However the users do not have authority to delete the records of the website. This authority vests only with the administrator. It is also a secure and easy to use process. Also, in recent days, there has been a lot of demand for videos.


In the project Video streaming Php Mysql project, if any user as to upload any videos, he can do so by registering himself in the registration link. The entire system described here is totally computerized which negates all the drawbacks of the previous system. In the design process, a blue print is provided for the implementation, testing and maintenance is provided.

After the software is implemented then it is very essential to test the software. It’s basically a trial to know if the software is best. The software testing includes different kinds of testing. They are unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, white box testing and black box testing. Once the testing is executed, the results are compared with the expected results.


Project Report of CSE Video Streaming a Php Mysql Project.

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