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Stability In Power Systems

Power system stability has been recognized as an important problem for secure system operation since the 1920s. Many major blackouts caused by power system instability have illustrated the importance of this phenomenon. As power systems have evolved through continuing growth in interconnections, use of new technologies and controls, and the increased operation in highly stressed conditions, different forms of system instability have emerged. For example, voltage stability, frequency stability and inter area oscillations have become greater concerns than in the past. This has created a need to review the definition and classification of power system stability.


Power systems are subjected to a wide range of disturbances, small and large. Small disturbances in the form of load changes occur continually; the system must be able to adjust to the changing conditions and operate satisfactorily. It must also be able to survive numerous disturbances of a severe nature, such as a short circuit on a transmission line or loss of a large generator. A large disturbance may lead to structural changes due to the isolation of the faulted elements. At an equilibrium set, a power system may be stable for a given (large) physical disturbance, and unstable for another. It is impractical and uneconomical to design power systems to be stable for every possible disturbance. The design contingencies are selected on the basis that they have a reasonably high probability of occurrence. Hence, large-disturbance stability always refers to a specified disturbance scenario.


Stability In Power Systems Project report

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