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Solar Lighting System ECE Project Report

With increasing concerns about fossil fuel deficit, skyrocketing oil prices, global warming, and damage to environment and ecosystem, the promising incentives to develop alternative energy resources with high efficiency and low emission are of great importance. Among the renewable energy resources, the energy through the photovoltaic (PV) effect can be considered the most essential and prerequisite sustainable resource because of the ubiquity, abundance, and sustainability of solar radiant energy. Regardless of the intermittency of sunlight, solar energy is widely available and completely free of cost. Recently, photovoltaic array system is likely recognized and widely utilized to the forefront in electric power applications.


It can generate direct current electricity without environmental impact and contamination when is exposed to solar radiation. Being a semiconductor device, the PV system is static, quite, and free of moving parts, and these make it have little operation and maintenance costs. Even though the PV system is posed to its high capital fabrication cost and low conversion efficiency, the skyrocketing oil prices make solar energy naturally viable energy supply with potentially long-term benefits.Solar lighting system is the use of natural light to provide illumination.


Solar Lighting System ECE Project Report

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