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Robotic Lanmover Final year Project Based on Robotics with Report

The objective of this paper is to describe the design of the Wright State University Autonomous Lawnmower, built by undergraduate students. The team is comprised of members from the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, the Computer Science and Engineering Department, and the Electrical Engineering Department. Each department has their own individual team and tasks. The mechanical engineers focused on the frame and material to mount the electronics, the batteries, the electric motors, the touch sensor and the fiberglass shell. The computer engineers focused on the computer programming and worked with the electrical engineers to integrate all of the electronics into the computer.


The electrical engineers focused on providing power for all of the electrical systems and helped the computer engineers to integrate the hardware with the software. When these tasks were combined together the team was able to accomplish the overall objective, which was to build an autonomous lawnmower. Mowing a field of grass is considered to be tedious chore by many, so there is a demand for methods to eliminate this task. The customary method of dealing with unpleasant tasks is to pay someone else to perform them. There is another option, however, for those who can afford it at this stage in its development, and that option is robotics. Robots are currently being used in industry to perform manual labor tasks but only a few applications are available for use by a home owner [1, 2]. At this point, robots are being introduced for many simple tasks such as vacuuming, which is a task similar to lawn mowing.


Robotic Lanmover Final year Project Based on Robotics with Report Download

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