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Online Music Store System Java Project with Source Code

Project Description:

The main aim of creating this Online Music Store System Java based web application is to provide user friendly tool for music web sites. This is one type of online shopping for music files. Most of the websites now a day’s selling their products through online but download music files with free of cost makes problem with piracy so this is the best place to stop music piracy over the internet. Here the customer should login through Music store website and buy selected music files like songs, movies, and private albums by using papal, credit card option. Once the payment has done then selected music files can be downloaded directly to the local system of the customer. The main advantage is it is user friendly, provide us 24 hours customer service, decrease the manual efforts and Time.

Digital watermarking is a process of inserting watermark into a multimedia object to protect the object’s owner’s right. The original and watermark images are divided into blocks and the corresponding DCT coefficients are also need to be observed. For each block of original image, some mathematical calculations need to be done as per algorithm. After all the modifications done to each block of the image, watermarked image will get generated. To protect the quality of watermarked image there is a need to consider and manage both embedding and scaling factors.


In the DCT Domain, a visible watermarking technique has proposed. To exploit the HVS texture sensitivity a mathematical model has developed. This paper discusses about few modifications which need to be done for watermark insertion algorithm to make it more effective for all images and also to increase the robustness of the watermark. Watermark should be used in different portions in different sizes and for different images also it should not available publicly for more robustness. Even when images are printed on paper, to make the watermark more prominent by consider lower values of amin and amax, also higher values of bmin and bmax. Visible watermark is a technique which is used in current digital TV, ecommerce and digital library etc.


Online Music Store System Java Project Source code, Documentation, Abstract, Paper Presentation ppt, Database File, Screen Shots.

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