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Quiver Consistent Object Sharing for Edge Services with Multi Proxies Project

Object sharing with multi proxies for edge service java project explains about implementing multiple proxies in internet network for allowing clients to access mutable objects, this process of using proxies is called Quiver. This paper covers introduction to quiver, existing system details, proposed system functionality and hardware and software requirements.


Proxies are interconnected to each other by sharing objects information between them and perform operations on objects. By using this method performance can be increased mainly when operations are performed on objects from different locations, Process of using different proxies is called as migration. Objects sharing between these proxies will reduce work load on servers and there is no chances of server break downs. Based on FIFO method work load is handled by servers. Object sharing is maintained consistently using two techniques serializability and strict serializability. Using Load sharing technique proxies will share object information.


Object Sharing with Multi Proxies for Edge Service project in java

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