Others Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of ` projects whith code and documentation.

Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector Electronics Project Report

Automatic anesthesia injector (AAI), is an virtual reality system creating new dimensions the field of medical sciences, in our project we implemented an micro controller based automatic anesthesia injector system, operates under the supervision of the 8051 micro controller .

which acts as an processing unit for the entire system, in this computer simulated environment everything is controlled by the artificial devices without any manual operations.

In order to control pain and stress for the patient undergoing surgery anesthesia plays a vital role. In recent times due rapid advancement of embedded systems in real time computing, having ability to control many devices at a time, these embebdded systems paved path to the invention of micro controller, this micro controller is a real time operating system can read data and can perform various calculations based on the varying conditions, it consists of memory device in which the entire program is stored to perform various tasks, this integrated single chip consists every parts of an controller on it, this painkilling anesthesia is to be properly injected in to the patient’s body based upon the requirement any variations in the content of dose may leads to emergency condition.


Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector Electronics Project Report.

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