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MicroController Based ECE Project Report on Smart Junction with Circuit Diagram

Introduction to MicroController Based ECE Project on Smart Junction:

With the economic growth of the global transportation acts as an instrumental and it happened since the start of the early civilization that is known to man. The major impact on the economy of the country happened due to the management of traffic. The discovery of Information and Communications Technology or ICT led to an increased production management and it happened in the era of the Industrial Revolution. This also results in enhancement of various new improvements that is introduction of cheap vehicles and construction of roads.

Over the last few years the enhancement in the population of the urban civilization and the ownership of the vehicle has also lead to an increase in the congestion of traffic on roads in the cities all across the globe especially in those areas that are populated densely, eg: India. Therefore it leads to the integration of the ICT with the infrastructure of transportation and vehicles that acts as a background for the Intelligent Transportation Systems. This system is here to deal with the congestion of traffic problem throughout the world and it will also make the system more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence is used by ITS for the automation purpose. ITS is also included in the technologies of vehicle detection as well as used for actuated control of signal of vehicles. The term actuated control means the signal dependencies on the split phase, duration time and phase sequence on the actuations of the vehicles that are registered at the detectors as other sensors meant for traffic as well as their response variance according to the present traffic demand.


MicroController Based ECE Project Report on Smart Junction with Circuit Diagram.

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