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Implementation Of Zoom Fft In Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis

This is Implementation Of Zoom Fft In Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis short report about Implementation of Zoom FFT in Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis. An adequate blood flow supply is necessary for all organs of the body. Analysis of the blood flow finds its importance in the diagnoses of diseases. Zoom-FFT technique is simple and affordable to detect the blood clots and other diseases.

This is one of the geographic expeditions made for scanning the intra details of some specific objects using ultrasound named SONOGRAPHY, which is used as an alternative to x-ray photography. In this report, the method to zoom the image or the scanned data-using zoom FFT has been discussed. It also explains the algorithm to get ZOOM FFT and how it can be obtained via simulation.

Blood flow analysis is done by passing a high frequency ultrasonic wave in the blood vessels through a transmitter. The reflected signal is passed to a DSP processor to find the frequency spectrum. Because of the high frequency of the ultrasonic wave, the resolution of the frequency spectrum output will not be good. In Zoom FFT technique a very small frequency change due to the clot formation can be obtained with a good resolution. It can be used to locate the initial presence of a blood clot.


Implementation Of Zoom Fft In Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis.

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