Others Projects For Final Year Students

Here we are providing list of ` projects whith code and documentation.

IP Fast Reroute Framework Project Source Code

IP fast reroute framework project Abstract:

IP fast reroute framework project is a cse project which is implemented in java platform. This project is useful in network communication systems for improving packet transmission and scalability an transmission rate. Main idea of this project is to develop a link recovery scheme called Multiple Routing Configurations which can handle both link failure and node failure problem.

In this method whenever a link failure is detected a new link is established and data is sent through this link without any delay in data processing. This is done by adding few additional features on routers side which out disturbing existing system. This system can be easily integrated on existing system.

Detailed explanation about this project is provided in IP fast reroute framework project report and reference material.


IP fast reroute framework project base paper pdf, source code in java and project report with ppt.

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