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Here we are providing list of ` projects whith code and documentation.

Highways Electronic Toll Collection System ECE Project Idea with Report

Electronic Toll Collection is also known as ETC in short and this is an automatism electronic system that helps in collection of toll. This system has been researched by the entire world to be used on bridges, highways and tunnels. Throwing of informations that changes between the labels of electronic that held antennas of RPID and vehicles that usually are fixed at the door frame and roadsides.

The computer that is placed centrally and used to control the others can easily identify the user on the road by the stored information in the appeal of electronic and deducting the pike amount from the advance stored in the account of the bank and the card of the user. There is no advantage in the parking troll collection and thus it can enhance the efficiency of dispose of the ability of traffic on the toll road and the station toll.

This is an automatic toll collection system that has been researched for toll collection purposes. It can be used for collection of the toll amount on the bridges, highways and tunnels. In the parking troll collection there is no benefit. The stall station can be thrown away by the running vehicles at high speed which instead here it has to slow down before the station and pay the charges. With the advancement in the motor transport the use of the traffic highway will also increase.


Highways Electronic Toll Collection System ECE Project Idea with Report .

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