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Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking CSE Paper Presentation

Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking CSE Paper Presentation .Internet Protocol (IP) trace back is the enabling technology to control Internet crime. Without a proper termination condition, the attack graph constructed by the PPM algorithm would be wrong. There are quite many defects in the existing system. It is not easy to find out pack travel path, the packet can be lost and duplicate packets can be received by the receiver. If this process is repeated over and over receiver will not have any original packet because of the increase in duplication of messages.


However, the FDPM algorithm provides an autonomous way for the original PPM algorithm to determine its termination. The most significant merit of the FDPM algorithm is that when the algorithm terminates it guarantees that the constructed attack graph is correct, with a specified level of confidence. We carry out simulations on the FDPM algorithm and show that the FDPM algorithm can guarantee the correctness of the constructed attack graph.

Different probabilities that a router marks the attack packets .It is easy to find out packet loss, Duplicate packets and find out each and every packet path. It also reduces the network traffic. In this paper, we present a novel and practical IP traceback system called Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM), which provides a defense system with the ability to find out the real sources of attacking packets that traverse through the network.


Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking CSE Paper Presentation

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