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Design, Modeling and Simulation of Fuzzy Controlled Svc for 750km (Λ8) Transmission Line

Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) is a technology, which is based on power electronic devices, used to enhance the existing transmission capabilities in order to make the transmission system flexible and independent operation. The FACTS technology is a promising technology to achieve complete deregulation of Power System i.e. Generation, Transmission and Distribution as complete individual units. The loading capability of transmission system can also be enhanced nearer to the thermal limits without affecting the stability. Complete close-loop smooth control of reactive power can be achieved using shunt connected FACTS devices.


In ac power system, the generation and load must be balance at all times. To some extent, electrical system is self regulating. Beyond that when propped up with reactive power support load will go up, frequency keeps dropping and system will collapse. Alternatively, if there is inadequate reactive power, system can have voltage collapse. Thus reactive power control is an important control objective of any power system as its unbalance causes voltage variation at the load end. If the voltage variation is more than the pre specified valve the performance of equipment suffers and life of most of equipment is sacrificed. Hence maintaining voltage within reasonable limits is an important objective of power system control.


Project on Design, Modeling and Simulation of Fuzzy Controlled Svc for 750km (Λ8) Transmission Line

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