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Here we are providing list of ` projects whith code and documentation.

SMS Gateway a GSM Telecom Project


The project “SMS gateway a GSM Telecom Project” is a project designed to implement a SMS gateway that aids in communication with a GSM modem using AT commands. This system has a graphical interface and is used for interaction with the user. This in turn will communicate to a modem using HTTP or some other protocol.

The main aim of this project is in the facilitation of sending and receiving SMSes with the help of a computer system that is connected to a GSM modem. Also, to study AT commands and how it is implemented in the GSM modem. Here, a GUI based application is designed for sending and receiving messages and storing these messages in the computer memory.


The architecture of this project SMS gateway is pretty simple. The main requirement is that a GSM modem and a computer are connected via a connection like Bluetooth, USB cable, etc. This GSM modem must be connected to a network carrier. This gateway is needed for sending and receiving signals. The gateway has been decided in C language and on .Net platform. The gateway communicates to the GSM through the AT commands.


Project Report of CSE SMS Gateway a GSM Telecom Project .

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