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Automobile Breathalyzer project report

1998, the last year for which statistics are available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, brought 15,953 alcohol-related traffic fatalities. This figure does not even begin to reflect the number of people who were injured, both physically and psychologically, by these incidents. Methods for curbing drunk driving include revoking offenders’ licenses and enrolling them in substance abuse rehabilitation programs. Disabling a vehicle’s engine, however, precludes the possibility of such incidents altogether. If a Breath Alcohol Test indicates that a driver exceeds Illinois’s 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit, the Automobile Breathalyzer will disable a car’s ignition.


The Alcohol Source consists of either a genuine or, for safety and for testing purposes, a simulation of a user’s breath. This sample is input directly into the Alcohol Level Indicator. The Alcohol Level Indicator determines and displays the Alcohol Source’s BAC. Using a method appropriate for the device ultimately purchased, the electrical representation of this result (e.g., voltage) is fed into the Signal Processor for further analysis.


Automobile Breathalyzer project report

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